Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Tattoo!

One of my students recently became fascinated with my tattoo. (It's a sketch by Picasso in case you were wondering.)
This was taken the same day I got it. Three years ago or so.

She liked it so much she drew a matching one on her own arm. Except hers was a chicken.

The next day she asked if she could give me a tattoo on my other wrist. Sure. Why, not? It's no secret to my students that I love all things Harry Potter. So naturally, she chose to draw Harry's face on my arm.

The funny thing was that it took almost a week to fade entirely. I think that's the universe's way of telling me to get a Harry Potter tattoo.


  1. Although I love tattoos and I'm too chicken to get one myself, I'm not sure the Picasso sketch on one wrist would go well with a Harry Potter one on the other wrist. But that's just me.

  2. My call would be Picasso is a one of a kind thing.

    Not my call though. If Harry does grace your other wrist I would go for "Expectro Patronum" as a caption. Being as you have very small wrists it might look like a bracelet.
    If you were lucky, pointing with that hand might actually make certain troublesome/annoying people disappear >>smile<<.

    1. Oh I'm not really going to get a HP tattoo. But the Expecto Patronum tattoo sounds like a good idea. Especially if it actually worked.

    2. If it did work I'd give a lot to be there with a camera to catch the look on your face when you realized what had happened >>smile<<