Sunday, September 9, 2012

Something Good This Way Comes

Today I went to the California Cantina with Júlia and my American friend, Josh. California Cantina is a super gringo friendly restaurant/bar in the Providencia neighborhood. It is also one of the few places (if not the only one) that was airing the NFL games today. And being such a huge football fan I was just dying to go watch some of the games. (Sarcasm doesn't really transfer so well here.) All I know about football I learned from Coach Taylor and the Dillon Panthers on Friday Night Lights.

As Josh was explaining some things about football, it became clear to me that the only thing I could contribute to the conversation was who these football players are dating. Because that, I know.

As the day went on, the place became a bit more crowded. I have never seen so many Americans in one place since I've been here. It was pretty awesome. Based on the jerseys they were wearing, most people there were either Packers or Dolphins fans.

I'd like to blame my squinty eyes on the three pitchers of beer we drank, but sadly this photo was taken quite early in the afternoon.

Anyway, since it's Music Video Sunday I thought I'd post a song I first heard on Friday Night Lights. This is Jakob Dylan singing Something Good This Way Comes.

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  1. Astounding!

    Maggie watching opening Sunday football (N.American). I know, you weren't actually watching - you were just there for the beer....... and the company.

    Great song pick for the day as your mom is on her way back to me ... I couldn't have asked for a better Sunday music pick. Thank you for that!