Saturday, October 27, 2012

Funny Kids

My students are pretty awesome. They are eleven years old and they can already speak two languages. Their English has improved so much this year. But occasionally they make mistakes. Here are a few of my favorite examples.

1. As much as I've tried to fight it, in my class 'broom' has become a verb. As in, 'Miss, may I broom the floor?'. Yeah, I hate it too. But at least my kids know the difference between 'can' and 'may'. I guess you need to know when to pick your battles.

2. After reading Harriet the Spy we watched the movie. Later we discussed the differences between the film and the book. One student said, "In the beginning of the movie there was a stoller". It took a few rounds of me saying, "What??" and him repeating the word "stoller" before I figured out what he was talking about. He meant to say 'thief'. But you've got to give the kid credit for making up a new word.

3. One morning a student was telling me about his dog. He said, "My dog wears a tinkle around her neck." This one didn't take me quite as long to figure out as 'stoller'. He meant that his dog has a bell attached to her collar. 'Tinkle' was close. Too bad it means something totally different than he thought.

4. Last term things started heating up inside my classroom. The girls realized that boys didn't have cooties and vice versa. Not knowing the word for 'date', one student kept saying, "Miss, I am boyfrear with Mateo." This is more funny if you are at all familiar with verbs in Spanish (the infinitive ends in -ar, -er, or -ir). 'Boyfrear' is definitely my most favorite made up word ever.

5. Of course, I've saved my personal favorite for the end. This is an example of words not meaning the same thing in English as they do in Spanish. Two girls I taught last year came up to me one morning to chat. One of them looked pretty awful. I asked her what was wrong and she seemed embarrassed. Her friend told me that she had her ruler. Now, this made zero sense to me. Well, as it turns out the word 'regla' doesn't only mean 'ruler' in Spanish. It's also a word they use when a girl has her period. I really, really, had to try not to laugh when I figured that one out.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wheel in the Sky

My kids took a test last week in English class. One of the questions asked them to write the meaning of the word journey. This response was my favorite.

I wish I could award bonus points for awesomeness.

Sticking with the same theme, here's my favorite Journey song. No. It's not Don't Stop Believin'.

Wow. Steve Perry is one really unattractive lady.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Cousiño Macul

On Saturday some friends and I went on a winery tour at the Cousiño Macul winery.

The vineyards were beautiful even though there were no grapes. Apparently it's not the right season.

After receiving our free wine glass, we went on a tour of the facilities. 

These giants barrels were once used to store wine.

Here is the old fashioned way of filling up the bottles.

We went down into the dungeons cellar where we got to put our free wine glass to good use.

They also let us try some red wine. But I skipped that and instead had some more white. 

Some of the places their wine has been exported to.

This picture pretty much sums up how I felt about the whole day.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ballad of Magellan

So I usually post music videos on Sunday (because music makes everything better....even Sundays which infinitely suck because it means Monday is right around the corner) but this video is a little different. Sure there's music and it's a video, but it's from the TV show The Animaniacs.

Two weeks ago we were studying some explorers and one of them happened to be Ferdinand Magellan (or as the book likes to call him Hernando). I mean technically his name is Fernão, but that's basically unpronounceable unless you are familiar with Portuguese. I'm not really sure where Hernando comes into the picture but really that's not the point.

I looked online for a video to show the kids about Ferdinand/Fernão/Hernando and I found this amazingly awesome Animaniacs video. I thought it was quite funny and I was very relieved to find that my students agreed with me. They especially enjoyed the fact that Chile is mentioned in the video. No really, they cheered. Two weeks later, not only are some of them still singing along, but every time I open youtube in class, they ask me to play it again.

So here you go, the (completely accurate) history of Magellan in a three minute animated video.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Harry Potter vs. Coldplay... vs. Giraffe?

Back during the 2009-2010 school year when I was student teaching in Rhode Island the students asked me what my favorite animal was. I decided at that very moment that it was a giraffe. So over the (few) years that I've been teaching, I've amassed quite a collection of giraffe drawing, some better than others. However, no giraffe drawing will ever top this one:

In case you can't tell, that's a giraffe holding in one arm a Coldplay sign and in the other hand it's holding a wand. And of course, it has a Harry Potter scar near its ear.

Good luck topping this drawing, future students!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Hope it sucks down there....

A few weeks ago I was sitting in the teachers' room planning some lessons. It's not uncommon for teachers to ask me questions regarding English as I am the only native speaker in the school. This day was  no different. A teacher (left unnamed to protect the guilty) asked me if it was okay to say "I like drawing" or if the correct way was to say "I like to draw". After I told her that both were correct, she told me she was taught that the phrase "I like drawing" was incorrect. Not willing to bash her university professor's instruction, I simply said that I had never heard that before and I was pretty sure both were fine. She then dismissed me and said she'd rather ask a non-native English speaker because people from the States always use English incorrectly. Oh. Okay. Way to generalize an entire nation of people and insult me all in the span of five seconds. You can go to hell now.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lost in Translation

Today I went to the mall with my mom and Joe. We stopped at a little cafe for lunch. The cafe was quite considerate in that they had their menu in both English and Spanish.

Joe ordered a sandwich called the prosciutto grana. You can see it listed on the Spanish side of the menu (it's the second one). So it comes with prosciutto, grana padano (a type of cheese) and rúcula, which translates to arugula. Or so we thought.

Nope. Apparently rúcula is actually a new type of sandwich ingredient called 'rocket'.  Yum. Again, here's the same sandwich listed on the English side of the menu.

Here's his prosciutto, cheese and rocket sandwich.

Sticking with the theme of rockets I picked Rocket Man by Elton John for music video Sunday.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Harry Potter vs. Coldplay

So it's no secret to my students that I am obsessed with Harry Potter and Coldplay.

On Tuesday during math class I called some students up to the board to solve problems (we're working on decimals in case you were wondering). One boy who was selected said to me as he was solving the problem, "You picked me because I am the Chosen One". Harry Potter reference number one.

Later that day during science class we were discussing ways to measure matter. You know, like with a ruler, a scale, and thermometer and so on. When I asked the kids if they could think of any other ways to measure matter the same boy (the Chosen One) raised his hand and replied with, "The Sorting Hat". Harry Potter reference number two. And in the same day! One million points for Gryffindor. (Clearly someone who can make two references in one day would be in the Gryffindor house.)

Anyway. Today at the end of a social studies lesson about the conquistadors, a different boy raised his hand and asked, "Miss, what do you like more, Harry Potter or Coldplay?" This seemed to quiet down the class as many students were waiting to see which one I would pick. However, seeing how this is an impossible question (for me) I replied with the only logical answer: Harry Potter singing a Coldplay song. Duh.

So this video isn't Harry singing Clocks (I wish) but it is a rather funny interview I saw of Daniel Radcliffe on Inside the Actor's Studio. Every time I watch it it makes me laugh. So, you're welcome.

Monday, October 1, 2012

So today in the mail...

Oh, yeah. This totally just happened.