Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ballad of Magellan

So I usually post music videos on Sunday (because music makes everything better....even Sundays which infinitely suck because it means Monday is right around the corner) but this video is a little different. Sure there's music and it's a video, but it's from the TV show The Animaniacs.

Two weeks ago we were studying some explorers and one of them happened to be Ferdinand Magellan (or as the book likes to call him Hernando). I mean technically his name is Fernão, but that's basically unpronounceable unless you are familiar with Portuguese. I'm not really sure where Hernando comes into the picture but really that's not the point.

I looked online for a video to show the kids about Ferdinand/Fernão/Hernando and I found this amazingly awesome Animaniacs video. I thought it was quite funny and I was very relieved to find that my students agreed with me. They especially enjoyed the fact that Chile is mentioned in the video. No really, they cheered. Two weeks later, not only are some of them still singing along, but every time I open youtube in class, they ask me to play it again.

So here you go, the (completely accurate) history of Magellan in a three minute animated video.

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  1. If There is a chance for reincarnation I want to be reincarnated as one of your students... chances are though I'd end up as Magellan and you would be right over there. >>smile<<

    Animaniacs as a teaching tool ... too cool!