Thursday, October 4, 2012

Harry Potter vs. Coldplay

So it's no secret to my students that I am obsessed with Harry Potter and Coldplay.

On Tuesday during math class I called some students up to the board to solve problems (we're working on decimals in case you were wondering). One boy who was selected said to me as he was solving the problem, "You picked me because I am the Chosen One". Harry Potter reference number one.

Later that day during science class we were discussing ways to measure matter. You know, like with a ruler, a scale, and thermometer and so on. When I asked the kids if they could think of any other ways to measure matter the same boy (the Chosen One) raised his hand and replied with, "The Sorting Hat". Harry Potter reference number two. And in the same day! One million points for Gryffindor. (Clearly someone who can make two references in one day would be in the Gryffindor house.)

Anyway. Today at the end of a social studies lesson about the conquistadors, a different boy raised his hand and asked, "Miss, what do you like more, Harry Potter or Coldplay?" This seemed to quiet down the class as many students were waiting to see which one I would pick. However, seeing how this is an impossible question (for me) I replied with the only logical answer: Harry Potter singing a Coldplay song. Duh.

So this video isn't Harry singing Clocks (I wish) but it is a rather funny interview I saw of Daniel Radcliffe on Inside the Actor's Studio. Every time I watch it it makes me laugh. So, you're welcome.


  1. I loved this video when you first sent it to me! It's hysterical.

    And I love the fact that by reading your blog I learned something new today. I had no idea one of the ways of measuring matter was with a thermometer. I have to admit I had to google it just to make sure you hadn't made a mistake. But you were right! Duh.

  2. I think if "The Chosen One" were to make two Cold Play references in one day he would be able to take the rest of the term off and still receive 8s from his Miss.

    BTW - loved "The Sorting Hat" answer - I mean really this young man has either been immersed in the books or/and the movies OR he definitely has a handle on his Miss

    Napoleon Napoleon - Oh to be so brave as to share ones least lucid moments with the world. With or without the scar he deserves respect.