Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Fred asleep.

Fred watching The Office.

Fred trying to attack Jim and Dwight.

Fred eating a salad.

Fred the contortionist.

Fred sleeping on my face.

Fred all curled up.

Fred hanging out by the fire.

Fred being all snuggly.

Fred chasing a bug.

Fred posing like Dobby from Harry Potter.


  1. You did well with all the pictures of Fred! He's so adorable we can't stop taking pictures of him almost daily. Except when he has kitty litter stuck to his paws. Then we don't take pictures and just sort of gag.

  2. And is that my IPad Fred is trying to attack?? May I remind you what he did to my legs?

  3. New word:

    Full name:
    Fredrico De Villarrica

    1st weight: 1.25 K = 2.75 lbs = 0.1964286 stone
    (round number conversion equivalence: 154lbs=70K=11S)

  4. Awww, Fred is adorable. You will never have a better pet. Orange cats rule!!