Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sheldon, Agador and the Weasleys

I spent a long time trying to find the new kitten the perfect name. My favorite option was Sheldon, but this cat is so not a Sheldon.

The next option was Agador. As in Agador Spartacus. As in the guy from The Birdcage that wasn't Robin Williams or Nathan Lane. Still not ringing a bell? 

He's pretty much the funniest character in the movie. And the name really fit the new kitten. We actually called him this for a few hours. Then I decided that Agador was too weird of a name. And it's ugly. 

So then it all came back to Harry Potter. The new kitten is orange, so naming him after a Weasley was an obvious choice. (Red hair, hand-me-down robes...you must be a Weasley.) There are a lot of Weasleys: Arthur, Molly, Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, Geroge, Ron and Ginny. So here's how I narrowed it down (since you're so obviously curious). 

It's a boy, so Ginny was out. I already had two cats named Molly and Billy so those were out as well. My grandfather was named Arthur so that was out. One of my three nieces is named Charley, so that was out. My mom didn't want to name the kitten Ron because of Ronald Reagan. George was out because of George Bush (both of them). So that left Percy and Fred. Percy is kind of a jerk in the books so I ruled that out. So that left Fred.

  More pictures to follow!


  1. In my mind he's still Agador. I don't call him that, but I think of him as Agador. It fits him so well and Agador is one of the funniest characters I've ever seen in a movie. And well, your cat is funny too!

  2. Freddie Mercury... hmmm

    ok children, can you tell me what Miss Maggie and a rug have in common?

    A hint .... they're of the 'pants on fire' variety.
    Still dont know?

    ok, second hint: the first four letters are L. I. E. S. !

    oooops, sorry ... there were only four letters.

    ...whatever the reason Fred is a fine name -

    there are moments when he resembles Freddie Krueger - he IS a shredder at times.

    Freddie Mercury because he really knows how to rock & roll, plus he has a very distinctive voice.

    While we dont have quidditch in Villarrica (yet?) he does have the makings of a great footballer, he is a prankster, and he also has pale orange hair so I guess with a little stretch we could make it all the way to Fred Weasley.

    Yes, Aga (oops)- Fred is a wonderful name.