Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Villarrica Trip-Part Three

You may remember last month I found a funny menu item at a small café. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can read about it here. We have now found something much funnier than a 'rocket' sandwich.

Friday night we went into Pucón for dinner. I insisted we visit my favorite restaurant, Happy Burger. Thankfully I remembered where it was because it is in fact called Rap Burger. I was way off.

As we were perusing the menu we noticed a few mistakes. Okay, I'll let 'mayonaise' slide, since I'm sure most native speakers would misspell it as well.

But there was one translation that just didn't make sense. Lomito de cerdo, should be translated as pork loin in English. But no, here at Rap Burger, if you order any sandwich containing lomito de cerdo you'll find yourself feasting on 'lion of park'.

Greatest mis-translation ever. (Yeah I know, that's not a word. But it's my blog. I can use whatever fictitious words I want.)


  1. Not content with 'Lion of Park' in examples 1 and 2 ... we look closely at example 3 and see 'Lion of Parck' because something just didn't seem right about the previous two examples ... only to decide with example 4 that we were correct the first two times.

    All the credit in the world to -Happy-, ah, Rap Burger for making the effort to give the less Catalan comfortable of us (me) a chance to understand what we were eating.

  2. Lion of the park will be, forever, my favorite mis-translation. It sounds so utterly exotic. Somehow you feel like you're eating puma, not a common, snorting, curly-tailed pig.

    Which when I think about it, it makes me want to become a vegetarian. Pigs are so cute! No more lomitos nor lions of the park for me!