Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Villarrica Trip-Part Two

As usual, prepare yourselves for a plethora of pictures.

These first two are from the drive from Chillán into Villarrica.  These yellow flowers were everywhere.

The next morning I went for a walk with my mom to the lake. It took us about 4.7 nano seconds to get there since it's right across the street. Here's the private path down to our own little beach. Okay well it's not ours. We have to share.

It was a cool overcast day which led for some not so great pictures. The lighting was super weird. And I'm not camera savvy enough to find the right setting for that on my camera. So you're just going to have to deal. 

After our tour of the lake we traveled into Pucón to go to Ojos de Caburga.

I wasn't kidding. It really was overcast. I really need to figure out my camera.

 Ojos de Caburga was just as pretty as I remember.

 Crazy tree roots.

We headed down the path to the Laguna Azúl (Blue Lagoon). If you look closely you can see Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins chilling on the rocks.

That evening we headed into Pucón to have dinner. But you guessed it, more on that later!


  1. A "plethora" of pictures? You sound so Joe-ish that next thing, I'm expecting you to use "amalgam" in your next blog post!

    Love the pictures, overcast as it might have been.

    And those yellow flowers are called "yuyo".

    And I think you're the most awesome person I know!

  2. Love your trip by pictures.

    She said 'plethora', he - he, he - he, he, he

    to the previous blog:
    definitely the monkey ... the monkey is a dream haunter