Tuesday, November 27, 2012


This past week I traveled to Villarrica for Thanksgiving. This time I avoided the bus altogether and took a plane. Traveling around Thanksgiving in Chile is not at all like it is in the US. Probably because Thanksgiving is not celebrated here, which if you know anything about the history of Thanksgiving makes total sense.

Empty airport.

The first thing we did when I arrived was go to the local fruit and vegetable markets. The prices are unreal. Not only are the prices dirt cheap, the produce is fresher and you get the added bonus of supporting local farms and farmers.

Our haul.
On Friday I had my first job interview in the South. This was the first time I had an interview in Spanish. And it was satisfying to know that I was able to understand everything she was saying and reply to all her questions. 

We didn't have what you might call a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. First off, it was on Friday, not Thursday. And second, there was no turkey (not like I cared). It's not super common to find frozen turkeys in the supermarkets except around Christmas when they are really popular. A neighbor told my mom she could get her a turkey. Later my mom found out that when the neighbor said 'get a turkey' she really meant 'kill a turkey'.  Obviously animals are killed for meat all the time. But knowing that this specific turkey was going to die was too much for my mom. So this turkey gets to live for another month...until Christmas season.

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out with the new kitten and trying to name him. That post will come later. 

On Saturday we went into Pucón to go have dinner at a restaurant I found online. It's called Latitude 39 and it's owned by two Americans. They specialize in "gringo-friendly" food. It was delicious. They had the best onion rings I've had in the past two years (read: the only onion rings I've had). 

So good I had to take a picture!
We spent a while talking with one of the owners. She was so incredibly nice and helpful. And as an added bonus, she makes really good desserts. So if by chance you're ever in Pucón, you must go try the food at Latitude 39.

I flew home on Sunday. I wanted to show you something I haven't seen in a long time:

The pilot!
 Yup. No locked doors here! They did close the door during the flight though. On a side note, on both legs of the flight I had seats in the first row. I almost feel guilty sitting there. I'm too short to benefit from the extra leg room.

I'll end with a random picture I took in a grocery store.

Apparently Al Roker is the spokesman for the Noble toilet paper company!

Okay I just made that up. But that dude totally looks like Al, right??

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  1. Latitude 39
    Excellent food: beer batter rings, definite yum! brownies, cookies, and cheese cake ..oh my .. can you say delicious? the burger and fries was first rate as well.
    Service was excellent. The owners came out to say hello and give us some great information about the area and people. If everyone we get to know is just half as nice we will thoroughly enjoy our lives here.
    The fresh fruit and vegetables are wonderful and the price is certainly right. Getting out to walk around and find all the things that you will be going to nosh on makes the process all that much more enjoyable. Knowing that you are eating local and supporting local while eating well is great too.

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