Tuesday, January 1, 2013


There's a whole lot of new going on this year.

Let's back track a few days, shall we?

Thursday, December 27th was significant for a few reasons. First, my mom arrived to help me pack up and move to the south. (More on that later.) Second, it was my last day of work. Woo! And third, I bought my first car! So yeah. Pretty awesome day.

Friday consisted of packing the car and taking care of a few last minute errands. Thankfully it didn't take too long to pack up the car. It was about a million degrees outside and the elevator was being repaired. Awesome timing!

Saturday morning we set off for Villarrica. After getting a bit lost in Santiago, we finally made it onto Route 5. From there is was pretty much straight down. A few hours after stopping for lunch at a roadside restaurant, I noticed we had less than a quarter of a tank of gas left. I figured it wasn't a huge deal since there are gas stations every few miles or so. Wrong. Sort of. We passed two gas stations on the wrong side of the highway. Not helpful. After the gas light came on things got a bit tense. We pulled off the highway only to find that the nearest gas station was 30 km away. However, we were told there was a gas station a few kilometers down the highway but on the other side of the road. So I ended up running across the highway to buy a few liters of gas. Thankfully the gas attendant came with me to put the gas in the tank.

Here are some statistics from the trip:
Tolls paid: 12.200. Though I may have forgotten to write down one or two of them. (That's around $25.00)
Kilometers driven: 799
Miles driven: 496 (That's almost equivalent to driving from Boston to DC or San Francisco to San Diego. )
Hours spent: Almost 11. Yikes.

I'm now on summer vacation (oh the perks of being a teacher). All there is on my to-do list is to unpack and relax! Oh and learning how to parallel park would be helpful, assuming I ever figure out where everything is in my new town.

Here's to a new adventure in 2013!


  1. What an excellent couple of days.

    You started your vacation, got your first brand new car, got an excellent cardio workout, worked on your spacial relations skills, met a really nice guy in uniform who provided useful - timely - assistance, spent quality time with mom, and successfully relocated yourself with all your stuff just in time to welcome in the new year!

    Take a deep breath, pet the cat, and plan the next adventure >>smile<<.

    Welcome to Villarrica!

  2. Too classic that the elevator was out of order the day you moved out!!

  3. It was an awesome road trip, gasoline incident included, and except for a few tense moments, as you called them, we didn't end up hating each other!

    And now you have a job offer! I think this is going to be a wonderful year for you.

  4. New place, new house, and a new car? Sounds like you had a good start! Despite the long drive and “run out of gas” situation, everything turns out well. You’re still lucky the gas attendant is very kind to go with you to fill out your tank. How’s your driving experience with your car? I hope you’re satisfied with her performance. Have a safe trip!