Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Commute with a View

I definitely consider this a perk of my new job:

Why hello there, Mr. Volcano!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This is the New Year

Okay since my last video wouldn't play (damn you, youtube!) here's another one. I heard this song on Glee for the first time. It's super catchy. Every time I hear it it gets stuck in my head. 

So hopefully both these videos work! Here's This is the New Year done two ways. The first is the original version by A Great Big World and the second one it is from Glee. I very much enjoy them both.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Biggest. Pet. Peeve. EVER. 

I hate when videos won't load! And what's even more annoying is that if I go on youtube and search for the video directly it'll play just fine.

What's the point of not making videos available in all countries? Especially movie trailers and music videos. I mean come on. Isn't the point of posting them on youtube to get more people interested in what they're trying to promote?

Ugh. Whatever.

The Cave

Music Video Sunday is back! And just in time, too. On Tuesday I start my new job. I'll be teaching English at a German school here in Villarrica (which should be quite interesting considering the only German I know I learned from Heidi Klum on Project Runway). So like last year I'll continue to post videos to help make Mondays suck a little less (as if that's possible).

Anyway, here's my current obsession. I've pretty much just been listening to this one song on repeat in my car. The video's not bad either. Here's The Cave by Mumford and Sons.

Auf wiedersehen.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valdivia: Part One

A few weeks ago my mom and I drove to Valdivia, a quaint city on the west coast of Chile. Valdivia is situated at the confluence of three rivers: Calle-Calle, Valdivia and Cau-Cau. There are an additional thirteen navigable rivers in and around Valdivia.  It is also the site of the largest earthquake in recorded history, a massive and deadly 9.5 in May of 1960. 

My mom and I started our trip by visiting Feria Fluvial, a local market selling fresh produce and seafood. It is located alongside the Valdivia River. The things they were selling were so colorful and pretty I couldn't help but take a few (read: 100+) pictures. So here are some of my favorites.

Fresh fish, crabs, and shellfish.

Berries, cherries and grapes. 

Fresh vegetables.

Spices: ginger, merkén (smoked and dried chili pepper), cumin and pepper.

Cochalluyo (also spelled cochayuyo) is a type of edible kelp that is very common in the waters off of Chile's southern coast. (Update: my super amazing friend/ex-Spanish teacher told me that the sign below is misspelled and this kelp is in fact spelled Cochayuyo. Thanks, Ale!)

The entire market is covered by a tent of red and yellow panels (hence the orange glow in the pictures). At the end of the market my mom noticed the shadows of the birds perched atop the tent. 

After a lunch at a nearby restaurant we boarded a boat to take a short trip along the rivers. Seeing how I took just as many pictures on the boat ride as I did in the market place, I'll save those pictures for another post. So stay tuned.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Festival Aéreo Villarrica

On Superbowl Sunday we drove to the outskirts of Villarrica for an airplane festival. We had heard about the festival from my cousin, Peter, who is studying to be an airplane pilot. The festival was held at a small airport used by the Club Aéreo de Villarrica. At the festival there were small aircrafts doing acrobatics, people jumping out of planes, and others going for rides in the small planes. 

Standing between Joe and Peter makes me feel like a garden gnome. 

The setting of the festival:

Airplanes on display:

Acrobatics! My favorite part.

They were fond of doing this little stunt where they would appear to narrowly miss a collision.

I wasn't sure if the pictures would turn out alright because I was shooting into the sun. But thankfully it worked because this is my favorite picture from the festival. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013


This afternoon I went to pick blackberries with my mom (practically in our backyard). To be fair, she picked the berries while I took pictures. Here's my favorite one, even though the berries in this shot weren't very ripe.

At least there will be more fresh (and free) blackberries to be picked very soon.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Almost a month later, here are some pictures of my niece, Emma.

I love her face in this one. I wouldn't be too happy eating that stuff either. 

Such a happy baby! 

Easily my favorite picture of Emma.