Sunday, March 10, 2013

Valdivia: Part Two

So back in February my mom and I drove to Valdivia for the day. After a stop in the riverside market and a quick lunch, we headed out on a boat tour. The boats departed right in front of Feria Fluvial. While we waited for the boat to leave we watched the birds and sea lions feast on scraps of fish from the market. 

Chilean Condors!
The boat tour lasted about an hour. I'm not sure exactly which rivers we went down but it was probably the Calle-Calle and the Valdivia. We sat out on the front deck and I worked on my sunburn while we passed by some incredibly beautiful scenery.

The merging of two rivers.

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  1. That was an awesome day! Valdivia is such a pretty town.

    But you forgot to write about the cafe helado before we headed home, and your insistence on extreme rubber necking when you saw the fire by the side of the road!