Sunday, April 21, 2013

Meet Martin

This is Martin Hutchinson.

He's in his early fifties and he has spent the last 5+ years walking across Central and South America. He began his journey in Mexico and he has criss-crossed his way down the continent and ended up in Villarrica. A retired firefighter, Martin has been staying mostly at local fire stations. While walking, Martin began noticing more and more garbage littering the roads. The majority of the trash was made from plastic. It was clear to him that he needed to do something. So, he decided to visit schools to share his message: use less plastic.

Martin's presentation was for students in 8th grade-III medio (the equivalent of 11th grade). What was originally planned to be a 45 minute assembly turned into an hour and a half long discussion. Martin shared videos and anecdotes with the students. He told a story about how when he went to a grocery store to buy one piece of bread he walked away with two plastic bags. His message was simple. Use less plastic. Bring reusable bags when you go shopping. Use refillable water bottles. Dispose of trash properly. After he finished with the videos he invited the students to ask questions. The majority of students seemed very interested and concerned with what Martin had to say.

After his presentation ended the students had recess. I had class with the 8th graders and some of them were very eager to talk with Martin. But first, he popped in to share a few final words with the students.

Much to my students' delight, Martin agreed to sign a few autographs. (They are pretty much obsessed with anything and everything that has to do with England.)

Martin returned to our school the following Monday to talk with the students in IV medio (12th grade). They weren't in school during the original assembly. From Villarrica, Martin plans to continue south until he reaches Tierra del Fuego. He is not sure where he will go from there.

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  1. Amazing. That's a lot of walking. My first thought was for his feet and the amount of shoe leather he must have left behind. Then I wonder what motivated him to start his travels, where in the trip he started asking, or being asked, to talk at schools, and how many people he has met. What a great story.