Monday, October 14, 2013

A Post About Vampires

So today in 7th grade English we were reading an article in the book about Bono. It mentioned that he worked with a charity dealing with AIDS in Africa. I asked my students if they knew what AIDS was. They didn't at first, but when I told them the acronym in Spanish they knew what it was. One student raised her hand and of all things this is what she asked:

"Miss, if a vampire bites someone with AIDS will they die?"

Just ignore Tom. He ruins everything.
So a normal person would probably just dismiss a question like this. But I am not a normal person. So I told her I didn't think so because vampires don't suffer from diseases. Unless that disease is the sun. Or getting your head ripped off. (I am so that teacher.)

A few minutes later she raised her hand and asked an equally important follow up question.

"Miss, if a vampire bites a zombie will he die?"

They should kill everyone off and rename it "The Daryl Show". I'd watch that. Happily.
I told her that vampires would never want to bite a zombie. Vampires are simply not that stupid. 

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  1. "Just ignore Tom. He ruins everything."

    He didn't ruin that movie but he did suck.