Sunday, October 27, 2013


Okay prepare for on onslaught of late posts. October has been a busy month. The month started with the celebration of the German festival, Karneval. Students were separated into one of five groups: costumes, masks, dance, music and floats. The teachers were also assigned to different groups to help the students with the various tasks. I worked with the students in the mask group. We spent three days helping the students create masks for themselves and their friends in other groups. At the end of the third day we walked in a short parade through town. We all dressed up in different costumes and walked along side the two floats. The kids definitely had a blast. 

Obviously no German celebration would be complete without someone dressed in a beer costume...


...or a giant pretzel.

Some of the teachers before we left for the parade.

A group of students and teachers. I'm the one in black standing next to the devil. I'm the cat. Not the woman in blackface on the other side of the devil. 

And of course, the English department. 

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  1. Loved the picture right before the beer - is it an elephant? or a crocodile? In any case, it looks like somebody put a lot of effort into that costume!