Sunday, November 3, 2013

Toy Story 3

I'm slowly catching up. So in the beginning of October my students in IVº medio did their play. (IV medio is equivalent to 12th grade.) Months before, they decided they wanted to do Toy Story 3. We finished the script in June and we had been working on the play sporadically since then. It was definitely a bit stressful. Probably more for me than for them. They've been doing plays since Iº medio (9th grade) but this was my first. I ended up standing backstage with them to help with the curtains so I was able to take a few pictures. I'm obviously very biased, seeing how they are my favorite class, but I thought they did an excellent job!

Meeting Lotso and Big Baby at Sunnyside.
Barbie and Ken
Bonnie's room.
Commander Buzz.
Tackling Buzz.

For the next class we celebrated by having a small party. The kids brought in food and drinks. And naturally, I just had to make cupcakes. Toy Story themed cupcakes. With aliens! It's hard to see in the picture but those green blobs are little martians. 

"....the claaaaw....." 

And they gave us this cute thank you note. 

I'm going to miss these kids next year!

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  1. I thought the play was fantastic! The kids were great and their English excellent - you've done a great job!