Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Pointless Post about Coke (not the drug)

I'll never understand why Coke decided to put people's names on soda bottles. I'm guessing they thought people would be compelled to buy Coke if they saw a bottle with their name on it. Well. If Pepsi ever did this and on the off chance they used my name, I would NEVER buy it. Because ew. Pepsi sucks. 

Anyway, here are some of the names they used in Chile. 

I wonder how they came up with the list of names. Some are super common, like Diego, Alejandro and Constanza. Others I've never come across, like Fabiola, Hernan and Franco. 

Working at a school, it's easy to see which names are popular (Valentina, Isidora, Consuelo, and Catalina for girls. Matias/Mathias, Clemente and Vicente for boys.) 

So Coke, if you're listening, pick better names next time. 

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