Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Big Fish

So I'm a bit behind in posting. Deal with it. 

One of the first things we did was to participate in a traditional Buddhist tradition of releasing animals into the wild. The first thing we needed to do was acquire some animals. We stopped at a local market and bought some catfish and turtles. Obviously live ones. After securing them in the truck (catfish are gross), we bought some fish food and drove to a nearby pond. 

Surrounding the pond are five pagodas, each with a dragon on it. These dragons are believed to be protecting the pond.

Back to the tradition. So the animals we bought were from a market. Like a market where people go to buy food. So if we hadn't bought these animals, someone else would have. And then eaten them. So we saved their little animal lives. Anyway, Buddhists believe that by saving these animals' lives they will have a good life.

Different animals symbolize different things. 

Catfish: Releasing a catfish means that you will be able to overcome problems that may arise in your life. More literally, it's as if your problems will get pushed away by the whiskers of the catfish.
Turtle: This one's simpler. Turtles symbolize a long life.
Eels: Your path through life will be smooth. Free from obstacles. 
Fresh Water Snails: These are for those people with a bitter, sad life. By releasing the snails you are releasing the bitterness from your own life.

The number of animals you are to release and the day you are to release them, depends on the day of the week you were born. As Jitt was born on a Saturday, she released ten catfish. I was born on a Tuesday, so I would only need to release eight. Those born on a Friday are suppose to release twenty-one. That's a lot of slimy animals. 

After she released the catfish, we took the turtles out, one by one, to place them in the pond. 

Right before the turtle visiously tried to attack me. (It wiggled. Same difference.)

After all the animals were safetly in the water, we started to feed the fish. They believe that by giving food to the fish, they themselves will never go hungry. 

The pond was FULL of fish. And apparently they were all hungry. 

I named the big guy in the middle Ewan. As in McGregor. As in you either get it or you don't. 

The area surrounding the pond was quite pretty. As I went to go take a picture of these orchids, I got to say the phrase, "I'm going to The Orchid".

I'm not one to ever miss out on a LOST reference.

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  1. I think I might have to go into the business of catching just so I'd have enough to release... OR... Do you think maybe I could make a deal not to catch them- that would be like releasing them without the trauma of them being caught- I could just go to the pond and appreciate the Lost references! -)