Monday, January 27, 2014

Krabi Part 007

On our second day in Krabi, we rented a long boat and went on a tour of some nearby islands that dot the Andaman Sea. 

Our first stop was actually to get off the long boat and into an inflatable kayak. Each kayak had a guide who did all the work, leaving us tourists free to take pictures. We went through an island, as countless years of waves have created a rather larger tunnel.

Our kayak guides also took us around the island. By far one of my most favorite parts of the trip!

After getting back into the long boat, we headed off for James Bond Island, famously used in a (you guessed it) James Bond movie. The Man with the Golden Gun to be more precise.

View from a cave on James Bond Island

Long boats on the beach

We ended our tour at a fishing village. Locals live and work on the pier. Tourists come to shop and eat at the fish restaurants.

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  1. Very clever title for your post! I've seen pictures of the island so many times and it's so fantastic to know that you got to see it in real life!